Graphic design and didactic illustration

Specialize in visual communication and image transmission,
I design and develop educational tools, illustrations, posters,
visual identities, logos, cards, etc.

My goal is to develop a clear visual message adapted to your target.

Companies, associations, institutions, and individuals,
I propose
to put my skills and creativity to freelance collaborations.

Awareness of the Environmental Education

I am passionate about botanical. The issues of environmental protection and sustainable development in our daily lives are central to my concerns and my thoughts. My choice of making a target of environmental responsibility and quality objective.

Invested in the field of social and solidarity economy, I am involved in various projects at the local level as Brin de Guill, Patatras!, le Labo Pirate...

Based in Local Motiv since opening, I am heavily involved in its development, ensuring the co-chair of the project in 2012.


A new adventure - TADAA -

While keeping my freelance business, I create the collective Tadaa with two talented people, Adrien Lasserre, webmaster and Bertrand Paris, consultant.

Tadaa promotes shared communication as a building block essential for any approach, whether consultation, artistic, resident, associative or institutional.
Our approach is to involve all stakeholders in the construction of this information to be understood by all.
We place at the center of our work exchange with the various stakeholders, the development of communication strategies, and the co-construction of information media.

Tadaa facilitates projects by putting the center of the steps of our partners to share information in both directions, for a real contribution to the process and its relationship to the public.



Emma Lidbury

Affiliated with the Maison des Artistes
number L 962017
SIRET 528 203 300 00017
APE 9003 A

Graduate of the school of Decorative Arts (l'École supérieure des arts décoratifs) of Strasbourg, in graphic design with honors.

Co-founder of TADAA